US Crude Falls On Worries About Glut, Brent Gains | Billionaire Fredriksen's Partner Quits Rig Firm Seadrill, Shares Fall | Oil Companies Eye Crude Price Drop But Keep Drilling | Significant Water Recycling Achieved in Eagle Ford | Key Oil, Gas Figures Welcome Scotland's 'No' Vote | Oil Falls On Supply Glut And Strong Dollar | Chevron Meets New, Voluntary Shale Drilling Rules | Petronas Still Eyeing Year End For Canada LNG Investment Decision | Republican Senator Says 2015 Could Be Time For US Oil Export Bill | Australia Appoints Stuart Smith as New CEO of NOPSEMA | Oil Prices Fall On EIA Report Of Big US Crude Stocks Build | Brazil Says Won't Schedule Regular Oil-Rights Auctions | Malaysia's Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Expands Upstream | Argentina Drafts Energy Bill To Lure Investors To Shale Deposits | Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution | The Next Logical Step For Natural Gas Supplies? | Petroceltic, Hess to Resume Oil Drilling in Iraqi Kurdistan in October | Oil Gains On OPEC Production Cut Talk, Libya Paring Output | Brazil Confident New Rules Will Protect Existing Oil Rights | Jindal: Obama Hasn't Done Enough To Harness Energy Advertise with us
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Global Energy Index


Date    Change
Crdue Oil (WTI) 100.65 09-May-14 0.39
Crude Brent 108.42 09-May-14 0.38
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 4.59 09-May-14 0.02
NYMEX Natural Gas 4.56 09-May-14 0.01
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