Oil Dives 5% As Worries About Iran Talks Trump Yemen | Baker Hughes: US Oil Rig Decline Smallest Since December | Offshore to Office: Transitioning from a Rig to Office in Oil, Gas | Congress Takes On Energy Issues | Advanced Drillships Become Burden For Owners As Business Dries Up | Unions: UK North Sea Workers Give 'Overwhelming' Support For Strike | Brazil Govt Names Vale CEO Ferreira To Head Petrobras Board | Shell Moves Rigs To Alaska Ahead Of Possible Drilling Permit | Norway's Industrial Workers Reach Last Minute Wage Deal | Oil Council: Shale Won't Last, Arctic Drilling Needed Now | Oil Up 5% After Saudi Strikes In Yemen; Dollar Limits Gains | Canada's New Brunswick Province Bans Fracking, Plans Study | Slow Start For LatAm Despite Oil Price Jump | Sensor Technology Allows Better Visibility in Tracking Fluids | Cyprus Draws Norway Parallel After Latest Gas Quest Failure | Mexico's First Oil Tender to Feature Extended Exploration Period | Schlumberger Pleads Guilty To Violating US Sanctions On Iran, Sudan | North Dakota Oil Rig Count Drops Below 100 | As Oil Prices Slide, North Dakota Sees Manufacturing In Its Future | Oil Up 3% On Weak Dollar, Speculative Buying, Yemen Advertise with us
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Global Energy Index


Date    Change
Crdue Oil (WTI) 51.79 05-Mar-15 0.01
Crude Brent 60.56 05-Mar-15 0.01
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 2.77 05-Mar-15 0.04
NYMEX Natural Gas 2.68 05-Mar-15 0.01
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