Russian 2015 Hydrocarbon Reserve Growth To Fall Below Forecast | Oil Major BP Freezes Pay In 2015 To Cut Costs | Argentina: Best Candidate for Next Shale Boom? | US Supreme Court Rejects BP Executive's Appeal | UK Parliament Group Calls for Shale Gas Fracking Moratorium | Oil, Gas Salary Adjustments Amid Oil Price Decline | BSEE to Investigate Damage to Unmanned Platform off Louisiana Coast | Brent Closes Up, US Crude Down After Saudi King Dies | Mexico Looks The Other Way As Contractors Fleece Oil Giant Pemex | Wood Mac: US Onshore Well Count to Fall by 26% in 2015 | Top Tips: Applying for Your First Graduate Job in European Oil, Gas | Saudi Oil Minister Naimi To Stay For Now, Policy Steady | Oil Settles Lower After Large US Inventory Build | Apache Hires Former BP Executive Riney As CFO | Saudi Brinksmanship: Economics Behind Reluctance to Fiddle with Oil Prices | Gunvor: No Rebound To $100 Oil, Contango To Deepen | Oil Majors Seek To Claw Back Costs From Service Firms | Oil Up On Traders' Hope Investment Cuts Limit Supply | Minister: No Need For Petrobras Investment Cut Due To Corruption Probe | Junior Oil Firms: Not All Doom and Gloom Advertise with us
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Global Energy Index


Date    Change
Crdue Oil (WTI) 100.65 09-May-14 0.39
Crude Brent 108.42 09-May-14 0.38
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 4.59 09-May-14 0.02
NYMEX Natural Gas 4.56 09-May-14 0.01
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Latest News
Japan imported December spot cargoes at an average of $11.60 according to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Egypt to receive 35 cargoes from Gazprom between 2015-2020

Exxon Mobil to invest in B.C. terminal in Canada

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