Bolivia Says Has Deal To Pay Pan American For 2009 Expropriation | Crude Oil Recovers On US Economic Data After Early Slide | Orion: Finding Oil, Gas Talent from the Ranks of Military Veterans | Maersk to Lay Off Portion of Houston Workforce | Petroleum Engineers See Highest Increase in Median Average Salary | North Sea Reserves Debate Heats Up Ahead of Scottish Vote | Basis Point: Petrovietnam Seeking $1.8B Loan for Murphy Oil Malaysia Stake | Lower Tertiary Trend Remains Focus of Western Gulf Bidding | Alaska Oil Tax Supporters Fending Off Repeal Efforts | Hamas Says Fired Rockets At Offshore Israeli Gas Well | Acting Libya Oil Minister To Be Replaced By NOC Chairman | Lobby Group: Norway's Politics Threatens Oil Competitiveness | Wood Mackenzie: Third Wave of US Shale to Show Europe the Way Ahead | Cashed-up Woodside Petroleum Sees Juicier M&A Prospects | US Crude Sinks For Second Day Ahead Of Contract Expiry | Will Widodo Succeed in Reforming Indonesia's Upstream Sector? | Report: Canada Railway Audit Inadequate Before Lac-Megantic Disaster | Lithuania Fires Energy Minister, Risks Upsetting Poland | Delegates: OPEC Unruffled By Oil Price Slide, Sees Market Rebound | Norway To Award Oil Licenses In New Offshore Areas In 2016 Advertise with us
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Global Energy Index


Date    Change
Crdue Oil (WTI) 100.65 09-May-14 0.39
Crude Brent 108.42 09-May-14 0.38
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 4.59 09-May-14 0.02
NYMEX Natural Gas 4.56 09-May-14 0.01
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