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Freeport LNG sought FERC permission to resume LNG export

Freeport LNG has requested the U.S. regulator Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to allow it to restart operations, leading to resuming LNG export. The Freeport LNG, which has been shutdown since June 8 fire incident, sought permission to introduce LNG into the piping system to allow the piping to cool down to cryogenic temperatures, necessary for circulation of LNG within the Loop 1 piping system and to transfer LNG to Dock 1 of the Export Facility.

Freeport LNG in its submission to FERC further said, “the cool down will be done slowly and methodically over a period of approximately 11 days to ensure that the temperature rate change does not exceed thermal shock tolerances”. “To prepare for its return to operations, Freeport has conducted refresher training with board operators, as well as held training on recognizing and reacting to abnormal operating conditions so that conditions similar to those observed leading up to the June 8th incident can be timely identified and properly assessed.”

Freeport has sought response from FERC by Tuesday Jan 24.