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FSRU Hoegh Gannet shifted location following complaints from local residents in Germany

Hoegh LNG’s floating storage regasification unit (FSRU), Hoegh Gannet may become the first victim of a local resistance in Germany. The 170,000cbm FSRU has been shifted from the Elbehafen terminal in Brunsbuettel to a location off the Wilhelmshaven, following complaints from the local residents, regarding continuous humming sound and minor pollution related issues.

The German environment groups have been opposing FSRU based LNG terminals being set by the government since 2019, even before Russia Ukraine war and subsequent loss of piped gas supply to Germany and other EU members. Last year in October, the German environment group DUH has filed an objection with the local authorities regarding FSRU to be set up at Wilhelmshaven by Uniper. Despite DUH objection, Uniper had gone ahead with the FSRU project and set up FSRU Hoegh Esperanza at the Wilhelmshaven.

In case of Elbehafen terminal, FSRU Hoegh Gannet is supposed to continue receiving LNG cargoes at one of existing berths in the Brunsbuettel port, till the end of the year. By the end of 2023, FSRU Hoegh Gannet will be shifted to its new location, which will be a new jetty, being set up by Brunsbuettel port for the FSRU.

FSRU Hoegh Gannet was scheduled to start receiving LNG on commercial basis from the end of March. However, local residents’ complaints and subsequent shifting of FSRU to a different location may cause some delay.  

Hoegh Gannet received its first commissioning catgo from ADNOC in the middle of February. The cargo was delivered on the 137,000cbm tanker ISH to the Hoegh Gannet at on Feb 14. RWE and ADNOC had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in September 2022 for an undisclosed tenure. The LNG supply under the MoU was scheduled to start from 2023.

FSRU has been chartered by the German government and operated by Deutsche Energy Terminal GmbH, the state-owned company. The Elbehafen LNG terminal project has been developed by RWE and its subsidiary Elbehafen LNG.