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Freeport LNG seeks clearance for restart of Train 1

Freeport LNG has requested for the restart of last of the three liquefaction facilities. In its filing with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Freeport has sought clearance for the restart of Train 1. Freeport LNG has already resumed liquefaction process in Train 3 which was the first one to restart in three train facilities and it was closed since June 8 shutdown, following explosion and fire incident last year.

In its filing with FERC, Freeport LNG stated “Freeport has performed a full pre-startup safety review of Train 1, identified and completed corrective work necessary to be able to safely restart the unit, and is ready to commence activities to safely restart Train 1, beginning with re-inventorying Train 1 with refrigerants.”

The Train 2 of Freeport LNG is also being restarted, following clearance from FERC last month. FERC LNG was granted clearance for the restart of two trains Train 3 and Train 2 along with Dock 1 for reloading the LNG cargoes. Freeport will require Dock 2 and Train 1 to reach full capacity which will happen around May this year.

Freeport LNG loaded four tankers with stored LNG last month following clearance from FERC. Four tankers were loaded LNG to make inventory space for the fresh LNG to be produced from the Train 3 and Train 2 which will soon be restarted.