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Woodside Energy announced NWS and Pluto LNG 2023 maintenance schedule

Australia's Woodside Energy announced a maintenance shutdown for the year 2023. In an announcement, Woodside Energy said it will undertake planned maintenance activities across several of its key LNG operations, including the Pluto LNG project, this year. The maintenance activity at the Pluto LNG project in Western Australia will start in the second quarter between April-June and last about for one full month, while the turnaround at the North West Shelf LNG Train 1 will also take one month but it will take place during July-September quarter, Woodside said. One month long maintenance shutdown likely to impact LNG export from NSW as well as Pluto LNG project for the year 2023.

Another LNG liquefaction project in Australia Ichthys LNG last week announced maintenance shutdown of its project this year. The Ichthys LNG spokesperson said in 2023, company plans to take 10-day maintenance shutdown. In 2022, scheduled maintenance shutdown between June 26 to August 10 had caused loss of 4% of its shipments on year-on-year basis.  

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