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Latest issue of The LNG Markets
Middle East and South Asia players could be game changer in the short run
Highlights of Issue :
The strong buying interest from Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt, rekindled interest in spot markets. Most of the front month offers are expected to move up by at least 10cts to 20cts for all the buyers.
Trade Overview
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Northeast Asia Monthly Trade Summery
  Trade in LNG
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Natural Gas Weekly Update   Northeast Asia Spot Price Trend
Natural gas weekly update coming soon. LNG trade price chart coming soon.
Global Energy Index


Date    Change
Crdue Oil (WTI) 60.16 22-Jun-15 0.61
Crude Brent 63.63 22-Jun-15 0.61
Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures 2.74 22-Jun-15 0.08
NYMEX Natural Gas 2.76 22-Jun-15 0.02
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