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Latest issue of The LNG Markets
Middle East and South Asia players could be game changer in the short run
Highlights of Issue :
The strong buying interest from Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt, rekindled interest in spot markets. Most of the front month offers are expected to move up by at least 10cts to 20cts for all the buyers.
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Middle East Markets Trade Summery
South American Markets Monthly Trade Summery
South Asia/India Monthly Trade Summery
Northeast Asia Monthly Trade Summery
  About us

LNG Worldwide, a dedicated portal for the global LNG industry, has been promoted a group of professionals with extensive experience in India as well as in the Middle East region.

Experienced professionals associated with the LNG industry in the Middle East and from part of Europe have extended their services to the portal.

At LNG Worldwide, we offer weekly news round up, trade summary, interviews of the industry leaders across the world. We focus on changing nature of LNG demand, supply, transportation and contracts. We offer news and analysis on events unfolding in LNG producers and consumers markets in the Pacific Rim, Atlantic basins, Middle East, North America and part of Europe.
We discuss opportunities in emerging markets like India, China, the United Kingdom etc. and also offer a platform to the professionals to share their thoughts.

LNG Worldwide aims to serve...

LNG producers: New emerging markets like India, China, North America, Europe etc, offers opportunities for the short-term contracts. We identify such opportunities and offer supporting information like government policy, available infrastructure, players etc. in various countries.
LNG Consumers: Natural gas is emerging as an important fuel for the utility companies even in the developing world. Many countries are gradually replacing traditional fuel like coal or naphtha with LNG. The end user of LNG like utility companies, fertilizer companies, petrochemical, chemical plants etc need to have an insight into the complex relationship between suppliers and the consumers with local perspective.
LNG marketers: Fast developing new LNG markets offers tremendous opportunities to companies with background in LNG marketing and distributions. The marketers can develop their strategies in accordance with the changes in the local government policies and shift in present and future demand.
Financial institutions: Enhanced exposure of Financial Institutions towards the utility companies has made it absolutely imperative to have thorough understanding of LNG. As more and more utility companies are considering LNG as fuel, it increases the involvement of financial institutions in such project. This in turn makes necessary for the Financial Institutions to understand LNG industry.
Associated Industry: The capital intensive LNG industry offers business opportunity to number of associated industries like pipelines, storage tank manufacturers, LNG ship builders etc. It’s important for these industries to know about the status of the existing projects and about the projects in the pipeline in various countries worldwide.
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